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Problem loans marginally drop to 48%

02/03/2017 11:38
Non Performing Exposures (NPEs), that is to say bad loans, dropped by €211 million in November 2016, reaching €23.87 billion, down from €24.08 billion in October 2016, data released on Wednesday by the Central Bank of Cyprus show.

NPEs have dropped from the beginning of 2016 until November of the same year by €2.78 billion and are now at 48.04% of total loans, down from 48.53% in October 2016.

From December 2014 onward, recorded a total drop of non performing exposures of €3.45 billion or 12.63%.

Total loans were up in November 2016 by about €111 million, to €49.70 billion, while from the end of 2015 onward they have reduced by €8.48 billion.

According to the Central Bank`s data, total exposures undergoing restructuring by the end of November 2016 came to €13.60 billion, up by about €7 million compared to the end of October 2016.

€10.01 billion of that is still included in the non performing exposures due to the definition given to the term.

Households – Businesses

In November 2016 NPE`s of households were down by €144 million and of businesses by €66 million, compared to the previous month.
Household bad loans fell to €12.16 billion, from €12.31 in October of the same year and are now 50.94% of total NPE`s, down from 51.12% in the previous month.

Total loans which are undergoing restructuring at the end of November came to €6 billion for households, of which €4.39 billion continue to be considered to be NPE`s.

Business NPE`s reached €11.27 in November 2016 down by €66 million to €11.27 billion, compared to €11.34 billion in the previous month and are 47.21% of total NPE`s.

Total business loans undergoing restructuring reached €7.16 billion of which €5.34 billion continue to be considered non performing exposures.