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Εταιρικό Προφίλ



FHL Mermeren Kombinat A.D. Prilep
ΔιεύθυνσηKrusevskiPat b.b.
Τηλέφωνο0030 210 9537613
Φαξ0030 210 95 37 723
Ηλεκτρονικό Ταχυδρομείο[email protected]
Ηλεκτρονική Διεύθυνση
Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο
Πρόεδρος/ChairmanΧριστόφορος Παυλίδης
Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος/Managing DirectorΠερικλής Νικολάου
Μέλος/DirectorJasna Azhievska Petrusheva
Μέλος/DirectorΝικόλαος Δημαρέλης
Μέλος/DirectorΘεόδωρος Αποστολόπουλος
Μέλος/DirectorZoran Pandev
Ηλεκτρονικό Ταχυδρομείο
'ΟνομαGrant Thornton (Ελλάδος)
ΔιεύθυνσηΒασιλέως Κωνσταντίνου 44
116 35 Αθήνα
Σύμβουλοι Χρηματιστές
Προφίλ εταιρείας

Η εταιρεία FHL Mermeren Kombinat AD-Prilep λειτουργεί σύμφωνα με το εμπορικό δίκαιο της ΠΓΔΜ και έχει ως κύρια δραστηριότητα την εξόρυξη, επεξεργασία και διανομή μαρμάρων και διακοσμητικών πλακών.

Η εταιρεία λειτουργεί ως οργανωμένη μονάδα εκμετάλλευσης λατομείου και επεξεργασίας διακοσμητικού μαρμάρου από το 1946.

Company’s profile

Mermeren Kombinat AD Prilep is the leading marble producer and exporter in Macedonia , and a world leader in the production of white marble. It is a fully integrated company, with several privately-owned quarries that guarantee the steady supply of raw materials, large and modern production facilities that can carry out projects of any size and requirements, and an extensive commercial network covering all continents.

The Company has operated as an business running quarries and processing decorative marble since 1946. The SIVEC quarry whose deposits are exploited has been known since the Roman and late Byzantine times and its snow white marble has adorned the homes of distinguished politicians. Note that in covering the largest part of the public spaces of the city of Prilep and for decoration (squares, roads, fountains, statues) marble from the SIVEC deposit has been used. Due to the quality of the said marble, markets have been rapidly won over such as that of the former Yugoslavia and later those of Italy, Spain and Germany. Thanks to new technology, exports by the company have exceeded the boundaries of Europe and have reached as far as the Middle East and Japan.

As part of a partial privatisation in 1991 the company was entered in the register as a joint stock company with the corporate name Mermeren Kombinat PRILEP AD PO. On 17.04.1996 the Company signed an agreement No. 08-3231/3 with the representative of the Macedonian Government for the transformation of enterprises with an inflow of private capital with the aim of selling the company to persons who would undertake to run and manage the Company.