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CLR: Reminder for warrant exercise

We wish to inform all warrant holders of CLR Capital Public Ltd that warrants are exercisable on November 15 – 30, 2004. As a result, the last day of warrant exercise is November 30, 2004.

All warrant holders who wish to exercise their warrants on November 15-30, 2004 must submit the exercise price, which is £1.25 per warrant, declaring the number of shares for which warrants are exercised at the Company’s registered office, 26 Vironos Avenue, tel. 22898600 or any Popular Bank branch (account no: 013-31-020085), the description of the deposit, the name and ID number of the warrant holder as well as the number of shares for which warrants are exercised. In case of a deposit in the bank account, a copy must be posted to the Company’s registered office. The exercise of warrants may be paid either by cash or a cheque payable to CLR Capital Public Ltd – Warrants 2004. Postdated cheques will not be accepted. Cheques that will be returned will cancel the exercise of warrants.

The shares resulting from the exercise of warrants will be fully paid shares of nominal value 35 cents, will rank pari passu, will be registered in the Central Registry and will be listed in the CSE.

We wish to clarify that pursuant to the CSE Regulations, the last day of warrant trading in the CSE is November 10, 2004. All unexercised warrants will cease to be valid and will be cancelled.

The company would like to notify all warrant holders that they should seriously consider the share’s trading price at the CSE during the warrant exercise period, before exercising any warrant. It is noted that the share’s price is lower than the warrant’s exercise price, which stands at 0.025 cents.

This is the last period of warrant exercise.
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