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Greek channels to enter Cyprus market

25/02/2016 06:55
Competition is growing in the €24 mn TV advertising market as Greek TV channels are getting ready to enter the Cypriot market.

According to newspaper reports, Greek TV channels have expressed their interest for developing operations or even moving their base to Cyprus.

This would reshape the Cypriot television market, especially in advertising, as new players will claim part of the share Greek Cypriot channels have been safely guarding.

According to Stelios Anastasiades, the president of Cyprus communication agencies association and managing director of Telia & Pavla BBDO, the arrival of Greek channels to Cyprus means that they are either going to cooperate with existing Cypriot channels or buy off a Cypriot channel and include shows directed to Cypriot viewers in their TV program.

TV channels in Cyprus and Greece already cooperate for common shows and even common productions.

The interest of Greek channels for Cyprus comes amid discussions in Greece relating to the government’s plans to proceed to a competition for granting four private nationwide TV licenses.

Tsipras’ government argues that the intention is to combat corruption and cronyism.

Mr. Anastasiades estimates that financial and tax related factors contribute to increased interest from Greek channels to come to Cyprus.

In Greece, there are seven private nationwide television channels broadcasting through Digea - Digital Services Provider S.A.

These are Alpha, Antenna, EPSILON TV, ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ TV, Mega, ΣΚΑΪ and Star.

The list of existing private TV channels in Cyprus includes Ant1, Capital, Extra, Mega, Plus Tv and Sigma, is expected to be expanded in the coming months with the new addition of Greek Alpha TV.

As regards the impact of these developments on the advertising sector, Mr. Anastasiades said that he does not expect significant changes.

“The size of the advertising market is not expected to increase significantly. The question is who wins and who loses. However, competition will contribute to quality improvement” he said.

The size of the advertising market is around €22-24 mn according to Mr. Anastasiades. However, he noted that it cannot be accurately determined as there is no data regarding free spots and private agreements between channels and advertisers.

He added that another positive effect is the fact that “new channels will proceed to hire new people, helping the labor market”.

By Maria Champi