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Taxes for Lagarde list at €35 mn

12/01/2016 11:54
The tax department has imposed taxes of €35 mn for deposits related to individuals and legal entities included in the Lagarde list.

The taxes imposed relate to the fiscal year of 2003.

According to Finance Minister Harris Georgiades, the identification of the names on the list has been completed and imposition of taxes has begun.

At a joint meeting of the audit committee and the committee on institutions, it was said that there are 490 profiles of legal or natural persons, Cypriot or foreign, which are linked to Cyprus of which 87 profiles are not linked to an account and should be further examined.

Mr. Georgiades said that 404 profiles are linked to 361 accounts which hold the remaining amount of €827 mn.

He also noted that 88 taxes were imposed, relating to 85 bank accounts in connection to the fiscal year of 2003, adding that taxation may be imposed for other years too.