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Bounced checks fall by 32%

07/01/2016 15:12
The number of bounced checks in the market fell to the lowest level on record in 2015 reflecting the gradual improvement in the liquidity of banks and businesses.

According to new data from the Central Bank, the number of bounced checks fell to 1.542 in 2015 compared to 2.250 in 2014, which corresponds to a decrease of 31.5%.

In December 2015 the number of bounced checks fell to 118 compared to 129 in November and 173 in December 2014.

As regards the value of bounced checks, it also dropped to the lowest level based on available data, as it declined to €2 mn from €3,4 mn in 2014.

In December 2015 the value of bounced checks fell to €108 thousand from €131,8 thousand in November and €254,8 thousand in the corresponding month of 2014.