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Trips abroad declining

18/12/2015 13:32
The number of Cypriots travelling abroad fell for the eighth consecutive month in November 2015.

According to the results of the Passengers Survey, residents traveling abroad in November 2015 decreased by 5% to 74.362 compared to 78.310 in November 2014.

In October 2015 trips decreased by 23.1% which was the highest decrease since March 2011.

A reduction of 35.5% was recorded in travelling to the United Kingdom as Cypriots’ trips fell to 11.691 compared to 18.116 in the corresponding month last year.

A decrease of 30.1% was also recorded in trips to Russia which fell to 2.859 while travelling to France was also reduced.

Trips to Greece, which is the main tourist destination for Cypriots, increased by 13.5% reaching 31.791.

An increase was also recorded in trips to Germany (1.8%), Romania (2.9%) and Bulgaria (14.1%).

In the period of January - November 2015, Cypriots traveling abroad amounted to 1,04 mn compared to 1.12 mn in the corresponding period of 2014, recording a decrease of 6.9%.