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Extra job licenses only by exception

11/12/2015 12:49
A bill submitted to the parliament provides for a change in the procedure of examining requests for private employment of civil servants.

According to the explanatory report to the bill, a public officer is not allowed to exercise any profession or be engaged in any work or business other than his work in the public service, except in exceptional cases and with the recommendation of the competent authority, in which the Minister of Finance may, with the consent of the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Security grant permission for part-time employment or recruitment, on such terms as would be determined under the circumstances and if this would not affect the performance of his duties as a public servant .

Considering the many steps of the procedure for examining an application for private employment, it was decided to transfer the examining of requests for part-time private employment of public officials from the finance minister to the Minister of Labour, as the one responsible for the labor market (which constitutes a decisive criterion) in order to simplify and speed up the process.

The bill also promotes the inclusion of a provision under which private employment authorization will be granted in accordance with terms and conditions to be determined by the Cabinet, after the passage of the bill, in order to ensure a common judgment measure and the equal treatment of applicants as well as for proper implementation of the policy of civil servants’ private employment in order conflicts of interest or incompatibility or conflict with basic provisions of the Public Service Law and other laws not to arise.