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Air controllers among top paid

23/11/2015 12:56
Air traffic controllers are at the top of the state payroll as there is a case where the annual remuneration of a controller reaches € 134 thousand.

The fact that the annual salary of the President of the Republic amounts to € 77.182 is indicative, while before cuts the amount was € 100.793.

According to the Ministry of Finance the total gross earnings of 160 workers in the aeronautical sector amounts to €10 mn and includes €6 mn in salaries, overtime of €1,1 mn, €1,4 mn in shift allowance for Sundays and holidays and €1,5 in performance allowance.

The performance allowance is granted to air traffic controllers in order to increase their productivity in an effort to reduce delays in FIR and avoid Cyprus being penalized.

The plan to increase efficiency of the air navigation services has been in force since 2014.

The project was a suggestion of Eurocontrol for the reduction of delays as significant delays were observed in flights, making Cyprus the country with the worst performance in Europe regarding delays.

Under the plan, the delay time should not exceed 1.5 minutes per flight. Today delays reach 2.79 minutes per flight on average.

Since 2013, when there was a reduction of overtime, controllers refused to work overtime so the efficiency plan was implemented.

Last summer, the Cabinet approved the allocation of € 1 mn for controllers because of the implementation of the scheme, even though they were asking for €1,5 mn.

This year the scheme will be funded with €1 mn. from the difference occurring between the projected and the actual cost of providing air navigation services, an amount fully recovered from airlines using the Cyprus FIR.

Based on data of the finance ministry, 20 employees from the department of air navigation services, receive remuneration from €100 thousand to €134 thousand annually.

For inspectors who receive an annual salary from €60 thousand to €70 thousand, total annual gross remuneration exceeds €130 thousand.

The annual remuneration is doubled after overtime compensation, shift allowance for Sundays and holidays and the performance bonus.

Forty nine more controllers receive gross remuneration from €60 thousand to €100 thousand.

There are cases of controllers whose annual salary is €26 thousand but with shift allowances, the performance allowance and overtime their earnings double, reaching €50 thousand.