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Hourican's statements unacceptable

20/11/2015 15:38
Parliament's president Mr. Giannakis Omirou called the statements made yesterday by the bank of Cyprus CEO Mr. John Hourican regarding the legislative body, as unacceptable and offensive to the parliament.

Mr. Hourican in an interview to Associated Press accused members of the parliament for populist rhetoric prompting some borrowers to hold back from repaying what they owe on the impression they can get a better deal.

Michael Persianis, director of corporate affairs at bank of Cyprus stated this morning at state radio that the Irish banker " does not take back what he has said".

According to Mr. Omirou it is provocative when the manager of a credit institution verbally attacks the parliament and supports that its members are at fault for allegedly delaying in exercising their duties.

He pointed out that the parliament is an independent body, elected by the people, with its responsibilities stemming from the Constitution and it is not subject to control or guardianship neither of Mr. Hourican nor any other physical or legal person.

The president of the parliament rejected Mr. Hourican's statements, confirming that "the parliament will continue to study the government's bills and proposals within a reasonable time as it is obliged to do, without blackmailing timetables and without advises from wherever those come from".