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Road accidents cost at €7 bn

12/11/2015 12:26
The socio-economic cost of fatal road accidents reached €7 bn from 1960 to 2015 the president of Reaction Marios Stavrou said, following a meeting with DISY MPs who are members of the parliamentary committee of transport.

Mr. Stavrou explained that the socio-economic cost of fatal accidents is around € 0,5 bn each year, bringing as an example a 20-year old who is expected to have a future total labour contribution of € 2 mn.

The President of Reaction, citing data of the World Health Organization, said that the socio-economic cost for one dead person in a road accident is estimated at € 1,2 mn, while for a seriously injured person the cost is €800 thousand.

Mr. Stavrou called on MPs to approve the bill for narkotest and move to strengthen laws relating to drunk driving.