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Supplementary budget of €27 mn

06/11/2015 10:46
The government submitted a supplementary budget of € 26,8 mn to cover mainly tax returns and social benefits.

The total of these expenses amounts to € 53,1 mn but an amount of € 26,3 mn will be covered by savings transferred from other funds.

In particular, €8,2 mn will be allocated for social benefits and especially social pensions, €7.4 mn for health benefits, €20 mn for tax returns and for other costs €17,4 mn.

Moreover, the budget of 2015 requires the creation of additional work positions.

Specifically the inclusion of seven seats for judges of the Administrative Court and one position of head of board of winery products is required as well as the creation of 17 positions of colonels.

The burden on the fiscal balance on adoption of the proposed supplementary budget is estimated at 0.3% of GDP.

Based on the forecast for the implementation of the budget for 2015 and the integration of this supplementary budget, the budget deficit is not expected to exceed the target set, which is -0.9% of GDP.