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Government in dispute with auditor general

09/09/2015 12:35
An intense controversy has erupted between the executive authority and the Auditor General of the Republic Odisseas Michaelides due to the seven-year extension of the contract between the Cyprus Republic and the Unit of Integrated Waste Management Facilities (OEDA).

Minister of Interior Socrates Hasikos has just unleashed a fierce attack on the Auditor General on the occasion of two letters published today in Simerini newspaper. In his letters Mr. Michaelides warns of a possible imposition of European fines of millions of euros against the Republic.

Mr. Hasikos wondered who is governing the country at the end of the day, "the elected President of the Republic and the Cabinet or the Auditor General?".

He also hinted that when the Auditor General wants to leak something he sends it to many receivers.

The Interior Minister suggested that the Auditor General conducts his control after the action because, as he argued, he cannot prevent the decision of the executive authority, which is ultimately in the interests of the taxpayer.

"With the Auditor General’s interferences the state is in danger of being paralyzed" Mr. Hasikos argued.