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President seals CYTA benefits

24/08/2015 15:44
The response of the President of the Republic to the leaders of the five trade unions organized in Cyta in terms of the legal recognition of their acquired rights was positive.

With a “presidential seal” the benefits such as salaries, pensions and promotions as well as the options granted to employees after they find a strategic investor are guaranteed.

After a long meeting of the trade unions’ leaders with President Anastasiades, they welcomed the fact that the bill for the conversion of Cyta into a private company will be accompanied by a bill with respect to the labour rights of the employees in the authority.

The parliament will have until the end of December to approve these bills for the attraction of the strategic investor as well as the bills on the labour rights of the employees in the authority.

On Wednesday, the cabinet is expected to give the green light to the first bill and then a dialogue with the Joint Advisory Committee will follow to find the “golden means” in covering the labour rights of the employees.

Deputy government spokesman Victor Papadopoulos, after the meeting of President Anastasiades with the representatives of trade unions, said the bill to be approved Wednesday by the cabinet is not about the privatization of the Authority but about its conversion into a private company with 100% of the shares belonging to the state.

He said initially the bill will be tabled to the parliament as agreed with the lenders under the seventh assessment and it must be approved by the cabinet at the end of September, without clarifying, though, when it will be approved by the parliament.

Then, he said, the bills concerning the labour rights will be sent to parliament.

Mr. Papadopoulos assured that no employee will be victimized.