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Electricity cost to drop 0.57%

04/08/2015 13:49
The cost of electricity in Cyprus for monthly consumers – industrial and commercial- will be reduced by 0.57% in August compared to the bills in July.

In statements to CNA, Spokeswoman of the Cyprus Electricity Authority Christina Papadopoulou said that the drop of the electricity cost is due to the recent decrease of the oil prices.

Despite the decrease for a group of consumers, the majority of consumers – households – will see in August an increase of 2.54% in their two – monthly bills due to the green tax which is paid for the reusable energy sources fund and due to the previous increase of fuel prices by 1.76%.

The reduction of electricity cost by 0.57% for the households will be included in the next bill.

Meanwhile, Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) recipients will be included in the electricity company’s (EAC) special tariff category applied for various vulnerable groups.

EAC Spokeswoman said that until to date, some 15,000 domestic consumers benefited from the special tariff, which provides for a 20% discount. In this category will be included around 7,000 GMI recipients.