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Supreme Court overturns ruling on public sector cuts

10/04/2020 14:25

Cyprus Supreme Court overturned on Friday earlier rulings by the Administrative Court, finding that cuts made in public sector employees’ salaries and pensions during the economic crisis of 2013 were in accordance with the Constitution.

In statements immediately afterwards Attorney General Costas Clerides said that “the key message sent, with this extremely important ruling is that individual rights as they are protected by article 23 of the Constitution, which is the right to property including a salary, are absolutely respected and protected.”

In a majority ruling the Supreme Court plenary allowed the appeals brought before it against judgments of the Administrative Court of Cyprus which had at first instance ruled on 29 March 2019 that cuts made in salaries and pensions of employees working in the wider public sector during the 2013 economic crisis had been unconstitutional.

In statements, Clerides said that “all appeals brought on behalf of the Republic and other public law bodies have been allowed, resulting essentially in the first instance judgments by the Administrative Court to be overturned.”

In short, he added, it was judged that cuts on salaries and pensions as well as on automatic wage adjustments and salary increases of public servants “are constitutionally allowed and legal.”

Since the core exercise of this right has not been compromised, the state can go ahead with certain reductions, which must off course be fully justified and proportional, that is to say as to the aim they seek to achieve, he added.

“This is the key message which arises from today’s ruling,” he said.

Replying to a relevant question, Clerides pointed out that the ruling of the Supreme Court sets a precedent so that under similar circumstances the state could act in the same manner legitimately and in full accordance with the Constitution.