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Tourism minister calls on Chinese to visit Greece

28/05/2013 17:01
Crete regional governor Stavros Arnaoutakis, addressing the conference "Crete meets China" on Monday, appealed to Chinese businessmen to invest in Crete. The Cretan regional service organised the conference at the Tae Kwon Do building on sidelines of the Cretan products exhibition.

Arnaoutakis said Crete remains one of the safest destinations. He also said tourism constitutes a privileged sector of investments in Crete, given the island's geographical position and the high-level hotel potential. The regional governor stressed that for Crete tourism is the main pylon of the local economy.

In her address, Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni also called on the Chinese to visit Greece. She said that relations between Greece and China have now entered a new framework, especially following the prime minister's official visit to Beijing and Shanghai.

The president of the Federation of Greek Tourist Enterprises Andreas Andreadis stressed that if there is a professional handling of the Chinese market, there is a prospectof 2.5 million tourists coming to Greece from China in the next decade.

Referring to the programme for unemployed to work in tourism, Andreadis said that Monday was the expiry date for applications, which so far total to 50,000 for 10,000 positions.