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Leaders to meet at Presidential Palace

19/03/2013 14:07
President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades will convene a meeting of the leaders of the parliamentary parties tomorrow at 9.00 am at the Presidential Palace.

According to an official announcement, the meeting is convened to examine alternative plans for dealing with the situation arising from the developments will be determined after today's plenary session of the House of Representatives.

Information leaked in the House say there might be a new postponement of the session scheduled for 18:00.

President: Disappointed by the “friends”

Meanwhile, in his statements to the state Swedish TV, President Anastasiades said he was disappointed by the attitude of the European partners and expressed the view that the Cyprus House of Representatives will vote against the bill.

Asked why the Legislature will reject the bill for the haircut, the President stressed that lawmakers feel that the Eurogroup decision is unfair and against the interests of Cyprus.

In response to the question how he will handle the situation, he noted that "we have our plans and we must admit that we did not expect a haircut by the troika and our friends at the Eurogroup”.