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Banks and hotels push CSE up

13/10/2009 12:21
The Cyprus Stock Exchange enjoys fresh gains on Tuesday, unlike the European stock markets. The General Index records gains of 2.05% to 2072.53 points, last seen in October 2008, while FTSE is up 1.89% to 704.63 points. The hotel sector soars 4.60%, while he banking stocks climb 1.40%.

Specifically, Bank of Cyprus in the CSE soars 2.73% to €6.03 absorbing the highest turnover of the day (€2.4 million).

In Athens, the stock enjoys gains of 2.73% to €6.02 with a volume of €12.8 million (second most marketable stock).

Marfin in the CSE climbs 5.08% to €3.31 with a turnover of €4.6 million, while in Athens it is down 0.3% to €3.30 with a volume of €6.6 million. As announced today, Laiki Cyprialife proceeded with the sale of 100 thousand MPB shares against €324.2 thousand.

Hellenic Bank puts on 0.66% to €1.52 with a turnover of €968.8 thousand.

Louis, which slumps 5.88% to €0.16, attracts €170.1 thousand of the investors’ interest.

Meanwhile, Orphanides announced the sale of the shares that QVT Fund held in the Company. The shares were acquired by Taquin Holdings.

ORF tumbled 5.26% to €0.36 with a volume of €38.3 thousand.

Also, Vision International announced six moves for the improvement of the Company’s business activity in Europe and the drop in operational costs.

Overall, 14 securities are up, 18 fall and 18 remain unchanged. The trading volume amounts to €6.3 million.


The ASE general index is down 0.34% to 2821.17 points. FTSE loses 0.3% to 1510.02 points.

The trading volume stands at €103 million.

National Bank is the most active stock of the day concentrating €17 million. NBG falls 0.38% to €26.10. The bank announced that its Board of Directors will meet on November 24 to examine the nine-moth results.


In Europe, Paris loses 0.31%, Frankfurt is down 0.3% and London declines 0.25%.

The US indices were mixed yesterday.