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Police report 27 individuals for violating COVID-19 measures

14/05/2021 09:19

Police in Cyprus handed out fines to 27 individuals for violating measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

A police spokesperson told CNA that the force in the last 24 hours ending on 06:00 local time on Friday carried out a total of 4,732 checks throughout the island.

In Nicosia, a total of 1,034 checks were carried out with 7 individuals reported, in Limassol 806 checks were carried out with 10 individuals reported, in Larnaca 3 individuals were booked following 686 checks, in Pafos 7 individuals were reported after 625 checks.

In Famagusta 625 checks were carried out and no individuals were reported and in the Morphou area 527 and again no individuals were reported.

The Traffic Department carried out 284 checks and the Marine and Port Police another 53 checks without reporting any violations.