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CSE: No transactions for A. Panayides in view of squeeze out

The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces that it has been submitted a request by the underwriter on the exercise of a squeeze out by Messrs. Stavros Theodosiou, Maria Panayidou, Charilaos Panayides and Alfapi Holdings Ltd for the acquisition of up to 100% of the issued share capital of A. Panayides Contracting Public Ltd, which had been approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

As a result, pursuant to Article 5 of the Regulatory Decision on the clearing and settlement of transactions on dematerialized securities of the Central Depository and Central Registry, following the acceptance of the public offer or the squeeze out (KDP 96/2008), any off-floor transaction or transaction conducted outside the exchange and is settled in the Central Depository /Registry (OTC) in relation to the securities of A. Panayides Contracting Public Ltd (APC/ ΑΠΑΝ), will not be possible.

This will be effective from today December 3, 2014.
Τετάρτη, 3 Δεκεμβρίου, 2014 - 10:59