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Health Ministry recommends 5th COVID dose

05/10/2022 16:25

Cyprus Health Ministry issued an announcement Monday recommending citizens who have taken the booster/4th dose of the COVID vaccine and 5 months have already elapsed, to get their 5th dose with the updated vaccines available.

Ministry says that beginning Tuesday October 6, citizens can visit vaccination centers in all districts, pointing out that the Vaccination Advisory Committee has recommended the vaccinations for sub-variants ΒΑ.1, ΒΑ.4 and ΒΑ.5 of Omicron.

As regards people aged 12 and above, they can get their 3rd booster dose if 5 months have elapsed since their last shot.

The 4th dose is received by people aged 30 and above, by all those working or residing in closed units and nursing homes regardless age, and to all health professionals.

Also by people aged 12 and above with diabetes, severe obesity, severe chronic respiratory disease, severe chronic heart and vascular disease, severe kidney disease, severe chronic liver disease, severe chronic neurological disease, hemoglobinopathies.

Also by all those with immunodeficiency and immunosuppression such as active treatment for solid tumors and hematological malignancies, a history of solid organ transplantation receiving immunosuppressive therapy, history of hematopoietic stem organ transplantation receiving immunosuppressive therapy, inherited immunodeficiency, HIV infection/AIDS,  immunosuppressive therapy treatment including biological agents, with renal failure undergoing hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

Regarding all those who are on cortisone, the recommendation is for all those who received or are receiving a total dose of ›10 mg prednisone/day (=8 mg methylprednisolone) for one (1) month in the last six months, given that the period of five months has passed since receiving the booster/3rd dose of vaccine.

Moderna vaccine ( ΒA.1)  is available every Tuesday and Thursday and Pfizer/BioNTech (ΒΑ.4 and ΒΑ.5) daily Monday to Friday.

People can visit all walk-in centers to get their vaccine. They must show an Identification certificate and vaccination card and their certificate for health profession. GPs can give a certificate for all those who have serious illnesses and need to get the shot.

The vaccination center in Nicosia is at the International Fair (0800-1430), in Larnaka at the old hospital (0800-1430), in Limassol at Linopetra Health Center (08-1430), in Paphos at General Hospital (08-1430), in Famagusta at Health Center (08-1430) in Kyperounta at the vaccination center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (0930-1330) and in Polis Chrysochous at the Hospital every Tuesday (0930-1330).