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Anastasiades: The future belongs to those who have the prospects to create it

11/01/2023 11:50

The future belongs to those who have the prospects to create it, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said, addressing on Tuesday evening the closing ceremony of the Citizens Free University, which took place at the Presidential Palace, in Nicosia.

Initially, President Anastasiades expressed his satisfaction because the vision of creating the conditions for the active involvement of young people has been translated to actions that project the absolute success of what Europe has also recognised, that is to say, young people's participation in the decision-making process.

"This is perhaps the greatest duty and obligation of the state and society, to give space to those for whom everyone should work", President Anastasiades pointed out.

The future, he added, "is not for those who are gradually leaving, but for those who have the prospects to create the future, to live the future and in general to live in circumstances that will create the conditions for the next generations to live in prosperity."

President Anastasiades extended his warm thanks to all the organisations, young people and those who represent volunteerism and wished the best for everyone and the country as a whole.

On his part, Commissioner for the Citizen, Panayiotis Sentonas, presented the actions implemented in Cyprus within the framework of European Year of Youth and at the centre of which was the presentation of the National Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance.

Furthermore, Sentonas made a special mention of the humanitarian aid mission to Ukraine under the instructions of President Anastasiades. Three humanitarian aid missions, a total of 220 tons of material, worth about three million euros, were sent to Ukraine, he pointed out.

DISY MEP and rapporteur on behalf of the European Parliament for the European Year of Skills, Loukas Fourlas, said that a Europe that listens to citizens and especially the new generations is needed. "Young people are asking for a stronger economy and jobs," he said.

The Senior Vice Rector at the University of Nicosia, Professor Constantinos Phellas, spoke about what was achieved within the framework of the Citizens Free University, which, as he noted, was co-organised in 2022 by the Office of the Commissioner for the Citizen and the University of Nicosia through actions that covered important areas such as health, education, climate change and employment.

The Professor of the University of Nicosia and Executive Director of the CARDET Research Centre, Charalambos Vrasidas, presented the National Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance.