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Cyprus had lowest housing cost overburden in rural areas

02/02/2023 14:19

Housing cost overburden was more prevalent in the cities of the European Union in 2021, according to data released by Eurostat, the statistical services of the EU.

According to the same data, Cyprus recorded the lowest housing cost overburden rates in rural areas in the EU (1.3%), as well as one of the lowest percentages in the EU in urban areas, well under the EU average (3.5%).

In 2021, 10.4% of the EU population in cities were living in a household affected by housing cost overburden, while the corresponding rate for rural areas was 6.2%.

The housing cost overburden rate is the percentage of the population living in households where the total housing costs ('net' of housing allowances) represent more than 40% of disposable income ('net' of housing allowances).

The highest housing cost overburden rates in cities were observed in Greece (32.4%), Denmark (21.9%) and the Netherlands (15.3%).

On the other hand, cities in Lithuania, Malta, and Hungary recorded the lowest shares (1.6%, 2.9% and 3.1%, respectively).

In rural areas, rates were highest in Greece (22.0%), Bulgaria (13.3%) and Romania (10.8%).

The lowest housing cost overburden rates in rural areas were recorded in Cyprus (1.3%), Ireland (1.6%) and Hungary (2.2%).

In 2021, the housing cost overburden was higher in cities than in rural areas in all EU countries except Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania and Latvia.