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Greece, Saudi Arabia further tighten ties, celebrate each other

17/03/2023 10:43

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia marked Greek Independence Day as Ambassador Alexis Konstantopoulos marked closer relations and the role of Greek companies in the past in helping develop Red Sea businesses.

It came ahead of the March 25 marking of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire 202 years ago in an event at the Greek Embassy attended by
Faisal Al-Sudairy, undersecretary of the Riyadh region, attended the event on behalf of Riyadh Gov. Prince Faisal bin Bandar, said Arab News.
Konstantopoulos told the site that, “Greece and Saudi Arabia are stronger together, and as we celebrate joys and successes, tonight we celebrate not only our national day but our vibrant, strong and strategic partnership.

“Today we are celebrating our national day, which is on March 25, but we have chosen to hold the celebration before Ramadan. Tonight we are celebrating not only our national day but also the very strong, vibrant, and strategic relationship we have with Saudi Arabia.”

He added: “We are very close partners; our leaders work very closely. We have set up a Strategic Partnership Council that is going to take our relationship to the next level,” of business agreements.

He also noted how Greece helped influence Saudi Arabia in the 1950s when architect Constantinos Doxiadis provided his expertise to the Riyadh masterplan and Greek companies contributed to the building of oil and gas resources, and shipping and marine infrastructure on the Red Sea.

Konstantopoulos added: “We work together to uphold regional peace and stability, (and) also through common military exercises alongside other allies.

“The presence of Greek forces in the Kingdom illustrates Greece’s strong commitment to stand firmly by Saudi Arabia. Our common ambition is to build strong and long-lasting strategic bilateral ties,” he also said.

He noted the visit of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in October 2021, followed up by the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Athens in July, 2022 as the Gulf Country has been embraced again.

The National Herald