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Trade deficit up by 34.5% in 2022

23/03/2023 16:04

The trade deficit for the period January-December 2022 recorded an increase of two billion euros, up by 34.5%, compared to the corresponding period of 2021, official data show.

According to data published by the Statistical Service on Thursday, the trade deficit was €7,101 million for the period January - December 2022 compared to €5,278.3 million in the corresponding period of 2021.

Total imports of goods in January-December 2022 amounted to €11,290 mn compared to €8,651.7 mn in January-December 2021, recording an increase of 30.5%. Total exports of goods in the same period were €4,189 mn compared to €3,373.4 mn, registering an increase of 24.2%.

The European Union was the main source of supply of goods to Cyprus with a share of €6,866.4 mn of total imports, while imports from all other European countries totaled €1,013.6 mn in January-December 2022. Imports from the rest of the world amounted to €3,410 mn.

Exports to the European Union accounted for €1,089.6 mn, while exports to all other European countries for €383.9 mn in January-December 2022. Exports to the rest of the world amounted to €2,715.5 mn.