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Efremico: Annual Bulletin for the period 14.05.2011 – 23.05.2012

We submit the Annual Bulletin pursuant to article 17 of the Public Offer and Prospectus Law 2005 and the SEC Circular E01/2006.


The Annual Bulletin contains information provided by article 17 of Law 114(I)/2005 on the Public Offer and Prospectus, for the period above, pursuant to the CSE and SEC Laws and Regulations and the Company’s Law, Chapter 113 for the information of the investing public by Efremico Holdings Public Ltd.

The Company announces all significant information that will help the shareholders and the investing public to assess and evaluate their titles and comply with the issuers’ constant obligations and the constant obligations of the listed issuers.

The information that has been released in the period is presented either unedited or via a reference in their original publication. All information is available at the Secretary’s registered office between 8.00-17.00 all working days and the CSE website (

The following reports 2010 are also available at the Company’s registered office and web page:

1. Audited financial statements.
2. Directors’ Report
3. Auditors’ Report

Main activities

The Company is actively involved in investments on several Groups.

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors in 2009 were:

1. Nicos Efrem
2. Elenitsa Efrem
3. Alkis Mavronihis

We submit the list of announcements during he period. All announcements are available at the CSE website:

• Efremico: Final results 2011 30/04/2012

• Efremico: Total number of voting rights and capital 11/04/2012

• Efremico: Board meeting on 27/4 for final results 2011 and AGM date 11/04/2012

• Efremico: Indicative results 2011 29/02/2012

• Appointment of M. Efrem in BoD of Efremico 24/02/2012

• Preliminary results 2011 on 28/2 14/02/2012

• Profit Warning for final results 2011 05/01/2012

• Efremico: Interim Management Statement 25/11/2011

• Efremico: Six-month results 2011 – Interim Management Statement 30/08/2011

• Six-month results 2011 on 29/8 11/08/2011

• Efremico: Declaration of Corporate Governance 04/07/2011

• Efremico expects improvement in six-month results 2011 30/06/2011

• Efremico: AGM decisions 30/06/2011

• Efremico: AGM notification posted 31/05/2011

• Efremico: AGM and EGM on 29/6 19/05/2011
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