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Hadjiioannou Farm: Board meeting on 25/7 for bank issues

At the meeting held on 25/7/2012, the Board of Directors will determine the Company’s stance in relation to the commercial banks since, as repeatedly announced, its accounts have been charged with millions of illegal charges that hinder its smooth operation. The talks will focus on the following recent developments:

1. The change of leadership in Central Bank of Cyprus.
2. The intervention of the House Institutions Committee in the House of Representatives
3. The investigation in the loan portfolios of the banks by an independent firm and the announcement of the Association of Commercial Banks of Cyprus
4. The statements to “Phileleftheros” that the loans of a large Cypriot bank that requested state support to associated persons were under the same terms as the loans to other customers. This means that customers, such as the Company, have been treated equally with companies of Board members of the Bank!

For many years the Company and the guarantors complain about unethical behavior and charges of the banks to the Finance Ministers of Greece and Cyprus, the Central Bank, journalists and university professors with limited results. Given the seriousness of the matter and the required handling, shareholders who have an opinion are requited to express it in writing, fax 22-819940, [email protected].

Monday, 23 July, 2012 - 10:40