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Harvest’s Ten Largest Investments 30.3.01

The company Harvest Capital Management Ltd. announced that as at 30 March 2001 its ten largest investments were with the companies LK Ltd. with 9.96% of its total assets, Blue Island Holdings Ltd. 6.62%, Aiantas Investments Ltd. 4.69%, Aremissoft Corporation 4.95%, Finikas Ammohostou Investments Ltd. 4.35%, Phil. Andreou Ltd. 4.03%, Suphire Financial Services Ltd. 3.59%, CT Tobacco Ltd. 6.17%, Suphire (Venture Capital ) Ltd. 5.38%, Unisuisse Index Linked Account 4.48%, which reached a current value of CYP 2.402.316 on total assets of the company of CYP 4.459.980.

As at that date, the net asset value of shares of the company was 31,86 cents.
Wednesday, 25 April, 2001 - 00:00