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Laiki Inv: District Court approved merger with CLR

With a relevant announcement to the press on November 28, 2008 it was notified that Laiki Investment EPEY Public Company Limited (“Laiki Inv.”) and CLR Capital Public Limited (“CLR Capital”) which are public companies, they have submitted application at Nicosia’s District Court regarding the approval of the Reorganization and Merger Plan according to which the CLR Capital Public Limited will merge with Laiki Investment EPEY Public Company Limited. The hearing was held on December 12, 2008, and the application was approved.

It is also mentioned that the application for the approval of Reorganization and Merger Plan of Laiki Brokerage Ltd, Laiki Capital Management Ltd, Egnatia Financial Services (Cyprus) Limited and CLR Securities and Financial Services Limited, has also been approved on December 17, 2008 from Nicosia’s District Court.

Furthermore, Laiki Investment announces that on December 31 2008, the Security Commission has approved Additional Prospectus for the listing to CSE of 85.714.286 new shares, which will be issued and will be allocated to the shareholders of CLR Capital, within the Reorganization and Merger Plan.
Wednesday, 31 December, 2008 - 12:34