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Renos Hadjioannou Farms to acquire overseas companies

The company Renos Hadjioannou Farms Ltd. announced that it is close to acquiring a Greek firm in a related field, with total annual turnover of CYP 9 million per annum. Negotiations of the company with the Greek company have progressed and within the next few weeks, it is anticipated that there will be positive results. At the same time, Renos Hadjioannou Farms, which holds the largest percentage in chicks sales in the Cyprus market, is proceeding with the acquisition of family businesses which will increase substantially its turnover.

The company’s successful progress is expected to have a positive effect on its course on the CSE. Renos Hadjioannou Farms is focusing its attention on the strategic development of the company which is expected to continue its upward trend. Given these facts, the company is convinced that the upward trend of the company will be reflected on the course of its shares.

As previously noted, Renos Hadjioannou Farms is a company with millions of pounds in assets and no bank loans at all.
Friday, 19 January, 2001 - 00:00