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Sharelink: Clarifications on press articles

With reference to the an article published in a daily newspaper concerning the possible consequences of the Court decision with appeal No 82/01, Sharelink Financial Services Ltd (SFS) would like to repeat that the Court has not yet decided on the substance of the appeal, as it has not examined nor issued a verdict on the legality of the decision by the SEC regarding the public offer of SFS for Kyknos.

Regarding the difference whichn resulted with ERA we wish to repeat that within the frameworks of the related arrangement, SFS has appended an agreement with ERA, the Related Companies of ERA and the Related persons of ERA. Pursuant to the providence of the agreement, SFS has been discharged and released from all the other demands, actionable rights and legal action bases regarding Kyknos.

The Board of Directors of SFS after taking into consideration all the facts and related legal advice, believes that there are no reasons to proceed in any provisions concerning this case.
Wednesday, 30 July, 2003 - 09:23