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Triena: Overall Losses but 17% Dividends on Income Shares

The Board of Triena Investments Ltd. announced that during its meeting of the 23 March 2001, it examined and approved the preliminary results of the company for the year ending 31 December 2000. Based on the results, the Board has decided to propose a dividend of 8.5 cents, 17%, per income share to shareholders registered as at 25 June 2001. Therefore income shares will be trading cum-dividend up to the 13 June 2001. The AGM of the company will be held on the 13 June 2001.

Total income for 2000 was CYP 420.908 compared to CYP 217.850 in 1999 with deficit from reassessment of investments reaching CYP 9.764.371. Pre-tax losses were CYP 4.014.091 compared to profits of CYP 15.362.230 in 1999 with after-tax losses equaling CYP 4.072.521 and losses for the year of CYP 4.275.537 compared to profits of CYP 13.723.867 in 1999.

Income Shares

Income reached CYP 398.328 with operational profits of CYP 255.150. After-tax profits were CYP 218.027 and after proposed dividend payments, profits for the year were 15.011. Earnings per share are 9.25 cents, fully distributed earnings per share 8.96 cents.

Capital Shares

Profits from realisation of investments was CYP 5.509.550 with deficit from reassessment of investments equalling CYP 9.715.873. Operational pre-tax losses were CYP 4.263.661 with after-tax losses equalling CYP 4.276.080, losses for the year being the same. Losses per share equalled 179.44 cents.

International Shares

Income for the year following reassessment of investments showed a deficit of CYP 48.498 with after-tax losses of CYP 14.468, equalling losses for the year. Losses per share were 1.23 cents.
Monday, 26 March, 2001 - 00:00