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Woolworth: Reminder for exercising warrants

It is reminded that the last day of warrant exercise 1998/2002 of F.W Woolworth & Co (Cyprus) Ltd is November 30, 2002, while last trading date is on 19.11.02. Warrants may be exercised until Friday, November 29 at Company’s registered office or any Bank of Cyprus Ltd branch (account no 128-01-0220039), depositing the required amount (CYP 0.65 per warrant) cash or cheque to “F.W Woolworth & Co (Cyprus) Ltd-warrants” and declaring the name and the id number of the warrant holder. Note that after the subdivision of Company’s share from CYP 0.25 to CYP 0.20, for every 4 warrants exercised, 5 new shares will be allotted. The warrant exercise price is higher than share’s trading price on the CSE, which currently is CYP 0.23. All warrant 1998/2002 conditions are included in Company’s Prospectus dated July 31, 1998.
Tuesday, 29 October, 2002 - 10:11