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Road safety messages to be included in alcohol and vehicle advertisements

08/09/2022 07:38

The inclusion of messages in advertisements related to vehicles and alcohol will become mandatory, as a relevant proposal of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Yiannis Karousos, was approved by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, through which the "Road Safety" Law is amended.

According to a Transport Ministry press release, Karousos said that "this is yet another tool that we will now have at our disposal in terms of road safety."

"Just as a health warning message is placed on tobacco products, it will be mandatory to place a road safety related message on advertisements and products related to road safety, such as vehicles and the sale of alcohol. It is a practice that other countries abroad follow on various issues with success and now it will be applied in Cyprus as well," he explained.

The Minister added that the bill will be immediately forwarded to Parliament.