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Vehicle registration drops by 11.8% in 2021

10/01/2022 14:50

The registration of vehicles fell by an annual 11.8% in 2021 while in December 2021 the annual drop was of the order of 38.6%, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) on Monday, show.

In particular, according to the the report entitled "Registration of Motor Vehicles" for the period January-December 2021, in December 2021, the total registrations of motor vehicles were 2,018, recording a decrease of 38.6% compared to December 2020. Passenger saloon cars also registered a fall of 38.6% to 1,567.

A press release on CyStat`s official website said that total registrations of motor vehicles fell by 11.8% to 34,716 in January-December 2021, from 39,367 in January-December 2020.

Passenger saloon cars, it added, decreased to 26,634 from 30,554 in January- December 2020, recording a fall of 12.8%. Out of total number of passenger saloon cars, 10,611 or 39.8% were new and 16,023 or 60.2% were used cars.

Coaches and buses registered in January-December 2021 decreased to 51, from 305 in the same period of 2020.

Goods conveyance vehicles recorded a drop of 16.5% to 4,035 in January-December 2021, compared to 4,833 in January-December 2020.

In particular, the press release said, light goods vehicles decreased by 19.5% to 3,070, heavy goods vehicles by 18.4% to 461 and road tractors (units of trailers) by 0.5% to 181, while rental vehicles increased by 17.9% to 323.

Mopeds < 50cc registered in January-December 2021 numbered 246, the same as in the corresponding period of the previous year. On the other hand, motorbikes > 50cc increased by 11.2% to 3,324 in January-December 2021, compared to 2,989 in January-December 2020.

The main suppliers of motor vehicles in Cyprus during 2021 were Japan (33.3%), Germany (17.1%), France (7.8%) and the United Kingdom (6.6%), CyStat said.