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Attack on US sends ripples throughout the world

12/09/2001 13:39
The shocking terrorist attacks yesterday on the United States of America will find the entire world a different place today. The effects on the world's most powerful nation are expected to have a domino effect throughout the world, causing ripples to economies of every country. Following the attack, stock exchanges showed a sharp decline, with the New York stock exchange closing probably until Monday.

In Cyprus, the CSE authorities were considering suspending trading of the exchange for the day. Ironically, the trading session was disrupted yesterday following a hoax bomb threat but following police investigation the all clear was given and the session ended without episodes.

Speaking during a presentation of the CSE's website, General Manager of the exchange Mr. Nontas Metaxas stated that every necessary safety measure was taken following the bomb threat and that staff were give the option to evacuate the building if they so wished. Mr. Metaxas however remained in his office, stating that he felt quite safe in view of the safety measures taken.