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Cyprus has a lot to benefit from its cooperation with China

05/11/2019 16:41

Cyprus has a lot to benefit from its cooperation with China, House President Demetris Syllouris said on Tuesday, after visiting the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai heading a delegation which pays a visit to China at the invitation of the National People’s Congress.

Syllouris said in his statements that Cyprus has many products which it can export to China, which is a huge market and where prices are better. Therefore, Cypriot producers could export a lot of goods to this distant country, he added.

The House of Representatives President, who addressed earlier the 2nd Honggiao Economic Forum, also underlined the need for Cyprus to become a pioneer in the fourth industrial revolution and new technologies, something which the parliament has set as its goal for two and a half years now, as he said.

There is no reason for Cyprus not to be part of this development. It needs to be among the leading countries and not at the bottom of the list, he added.

The House President also said that the speech which the President of China Xi Jinping delivered during the banquet he hosted on Monday evening had a universal vision.

Moreover Syllouris said that Xi’s speech this morning at the opening ceremony of the 2nd China International Import Expo included practical proposals of cooperation among states with a view to achieve prosperity and growth, which will bring peace, noting that the speech was received with great interest by all the leaders and delegations present at the expo.

Referring to the expo, Syllouris said that it shows how we can move from words to admirable tangible results.

Syllouris who visited along with the other members of the Cypriot delegation the Chinese and Cypriot pavilions at the expo, said that Cyprus` participation was not adequate and everyone should consider how to upgrade it next year.

The delegation comprises MPs Nicos Tornaritis, Yiorgos T. Georgiou, Christakis Tziovanis, Yiorgos Prokopiou, Elias Myritanthous and Michalis Giorgallas. Member of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency Board of Directors Nicolas Theocharides also participates in the delegation.