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Terms for Cyprus not to change

19/06/2013 12:12
The euro zone does not intend to change the terms of Cyprus's bailout as requested by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades in a letter sent to euro zone leaders and its lenders, three senior euro zone officials said on Wednesday.

A eurozone official told Reuters that no changes can be made in the short term, but he did not exclude the possibility of some in the middle-term, as in the case of Greece.

Officials invoked by Reuters suggest that President Anastasiades knows that any modification is not possible, but wanted to send a message inside the country.

The eurozone Finance Ministers are expected to discuss Mr. Anastasiades’ letter in when they meet in Luxembourg on Thursday.

One of the officials said that there is no way to revise the terms of the rescue, but we will discuss it Thursday.