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Issue of 6Y bonds oversubscribed

01/08/2016 17:18
The Finance Ministry has successfully raised €52,5 million, after a €10 million, six year bond, issued for natural persons, was oversubscribed by more than five times.

The Public Debt Management Office announced that it received 87 applications for a total amount of €52.509.400.

Sixty seven applications were from Cypriots and twenty from foreign investors.

Foreign investors applied for bonds worth of €46.550.000.

The Public Debt Management Office said that the issue of six year bonds of the Republic of Cyprus for natural persons will continue with the ninth series on September 1st.

Investors can apply from the 1st until the 19th of August.

13W T bills yield at 0,63%

The Public Debt Management Office has also announced that during Monday`s 13 Week Treasury Bills Auction, tenders for a total amount of approximately €174 mn were submitted, out of which, €120 mn total nominal value have been accepted with a weighted average yield of 0,63%.

The accepted yields ranged between 0,51% - 0,71%.