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Positive indications for fiscals

10/07/2013 13:20
Indications for the public finances are in a good point, General Manager of the Finance Ministry, Christos Patsalides said today before the House Finance Committee, which reviewed eight memorandum bills.

According to Mr. Patsalides, the first assessment by the troika for the implementation of the memorandum will be on July 17 and the government's desire is to be as prepared as possible.

Indications so far, he said, in the sector of public finances is that that they are in a good point while with the current bills, some of which concern the banking sector, the government will be closer to the commitments given based on the Memorandum.

Mr. Patsalides asked for the postponement of talks of the bill for the extrajudicial settlement of financial nature disputes.

For the rest of the bills, he called for their immediate passage.