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ASE opening: Decline

05/01/2011 15:23
Equity prices were declining at the opening of trade on Wednesday on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), with the basic share price index down 0.70 percent, standing at 1,386.84 points at 11:15 am, and turnover at 14.765 million euros.

Individual sector indices were moving downward, with the biggest gains Telecoms, up 1.27 percent, and Chemicals, up 0.83 percent.

The biggest losses were in Mass Media, down 7.10 percent, and Construction, down 2.16 percent.

The FTSE/ASE 20 index for blue chip and heavily traded stocks was down 0.86 percent, the FTSE/ASE MID 40 index was down 0.43 percent, and the FTSE/ASE-80 small cap index was down 0.94 percent.

Of the stocks traded, 10 were up, 59 were down, and 15 were unchanged.