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400,000 travelled with Cyprus Airways in 2019

27/01/2020 10:50

Cypriots preferred Athens, Heraklion and Prague

Despite the challenges in the aviation industry, Cyprus Airways had a successful year in 2019, since 400,000 passengers, from Cyprus and abroad, chose to travel with the Cypriot airline.

In 2019, Cyprus Airways operated flights from Larnaca to Greek destinations, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Skiathos and Rhodes, European cities such as Prague, Zurich, Bratislava and Kosice, as well as the Middle East, Tel Aviv and Beirut. It is important to note that towards the end of the year, the airline reconnected Pafos with Athens, servicing this popular route with three flights per week. According to company data, the most popular destinations to travel for Cypriots were Athens, Heraklion and Prague.

2019 was a challenging year, especially after the governments’ decision to cancel the compensation scheme that was approved by the EU in 2011, and was valid for all Cypriot airlines, for flights affected by the Turkish ban, e.g. to Russia, Poland, Scandinavia, and that are potential markets to expand inbound tourism.

Mr. George Mavrocostas, Chief Operations Officer of Cyprus Airways expressed his satisfaction for the results of the company and pointed out that it is of utmost importance for the government to support local airlines, so they can contribute in improving Cyprus’ connectivity, opening new markets for the benefit of the local tourism industry and the economy.

“As the only currently operating Cypriot air carrier”, mentioned Mr. Mavrocostas, “we have a huge responsibility to expand the traveling options for Cypriots as well as to contribute in the efforts to attract new tourism, by exploring new markets. It is key right for an airline in Cyprus to have equal operating opportunities as other European airlines. That is why the compensation scheme that was approved by the EU, was established based on the protection of healthy competition, and therefore it is very important to reinstate it immediately.”

Having reached the goals of 2019, Cyprus Airways has set its customers’ needs as a priority, aiming at becoming the airline of choice in the country. Last November, the Cypriot airline announced its flight schedule for the summer season 2020, which includes flights from Larnaca to Greek destinations, Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, Skiathos and Preveza, to Europe, Zurich, Geneva, Bratislava, Prague and Kosice as well as Tel Aviv, Beirut and Cairo. At the same time the airline will continue to improve Pafos’ airport connectivity with flights to Athens as well as Tel Aviv.