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Appointment of Mr. Pantelis Angelides as Special Advisor of ACIFF on Information Security

24/11/2022 11:16

The Board of Directors of the Association of Cyprus International Financial Firms (ACIFF), after closely monitoring the developments globally in the field of information security, particularly in the financial industry, the rising threats, and the relevant illicit activity, has decided to appoint Mr. Pantelis Angelides, CEO of QuadPrime Cyprus Ltd, as Special Advisor of ACIFF on Information Security.  Amongst others, Mr. Angelides, will advise ACIFF and its BoD on information security topics, will be involved in consultation with regulators and authorities and will update and train the members and the BoD of ACIFF on the subject matter.

The BoD of ACIFF stresses that any breach in the information security practices and any leakage of information to unauthorised third parties may impose a significant and disproportionate regulatory, legal, and other burden on a business. In addition, ACIFF expects that the significance attached to these matters by businesses, regulatory authorities as well as lawmakers will continue to rise geometrically.

ACIFF was founded on 18 December 2009 as a non-profit association and is the largest CIF representative body in Cyprus, with over 80 members the majority of which are Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs).  ACIFF aims at representing its members’ view, promoting their interests within Cyprus and the European Union, and promoting investor protection.