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Awards for the trainees of KPMG in Cyprus

11/01/2019 10:43

KPMG in Cyprus organised during its annual Gala Dinner an award ceremony to congratulate and honor its trainee accountants, who achieved exceptional results in the 2017 and 2018 ACA and ACCA exams at Local and International level.

During the ceremony, awards were given to Michael Hadjimichael for achieving the 1st place nationally for the Strategic Business Leader paper in September 2018, to Maria Zantifor the 3rd place nationallyfor completing all ACCA exams in September 2018, to Styliana Onoufriou for the 1st place nationallyin F8 paper in June 2018, to Maria Xyrichifor the 1st place nationally in F7 paper in December 2017 and to Konstantinos Ftoullis for the 1stplace nationally in F6 paper in December 2017.

In addition, awards were given to the trainee accountants who managed to complete all ACA exams successfully over the course of 3 years. Specifically, awards were given to Maria Anastasiou, Christos Koumides and Georgiana Kyriacou, who have managed to achieve the highest average mark in all ACA exams, in the Advanced Level exams and in the Professional Level exams respectively.

Last but not least, an award was given to Chara Skordi, for her outstanding achievement in obtaining one more International ACA award. Chara won the 6th  place (joint) and the Arthur Swinson Prize for the Professional Level exams in 2017.

The Firm’s management is proud for the remarkable international and national distinctions achieved by its trainee accountants.