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Bank of Cyprus offers customers new card facilities

02/04/2020 15:28

Free subscription on new debit cards and zero charge on 18-25 Youth Cards

As part of broader efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its customers and staff alike from Covid-19, and in line with its Stay Safe, Go Digital drive, Bank of Cyprus is offering one-year free subscriptions on the issuance of new debit cards as well as zero charges to holders of 18-25 Youth Cards until 31 May 2020.

The Bank is providing these facilities to limit the use of cash and also obviate the need for customers to physically visit a branch unless absolutely necessary.

During April and May 2020, customers applying for new debit cards (Visa Classic Debit & Mastercard Classic Debit) will be entitled to free subscription for one year.

In a bid to help young people, in particular Cypriot students stranded in Britain and others, the Bank is also offering zero charges to holders of 18-25 Youth Cards for purchases and withdrawals in and out of the Eurozone until 31 May 2020.