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CNP ASFALISTIKI: The face of the champion in the future Pancyprian Conference 2019

16/04/2019 13:16

«The face of the champion in the future» was the main message of the business carried out at CNP ASFALISTIKI’s Pancyprian Annual Conference that was held on the 12th of Aprilat ADAMS Hotel in Ayia Napa. Morethan 250 officers and insurance intermediaries of the Company, as well as senior executives of CNP CYPRUS Insurance Group. Present at the conference were also the Superintendent of Insurance and dignitaries of Cyprus’ financial and public life.

Having achieved the premier position of the Cyprus general insurance market for a further year, CNP ASFALISTIKI is moving forward to the future, ready to conquer new heights. Adaptability, flexibility, innovation and technological leadership are the characteristics that will define the champion in the future. However, the human factor is what makes the difference in this technological day and age! Namely, CNP ASFALISTIKI’s Insurance Advisors!

Mr Takis Phidia, the CEO of the CNP CYPRUS Group, in his welcoming speech put a special emphasis to the following: "We are facing a huge dual challenge, namely technology and the human factor. If we do not invest in technology, we will simply stay behind. And if the leader stays behind it will stop being the leader. It will no longer shape developments. Thus, with the power of technology, we can achieve a great deal. Technology, however, is not an end in itself; it cannot fulfill its mission, especially in the insurance sector. Humans always are, always had and will always have a dominant role. This is because human beings are the ones who transform the most important components of insurance into results: trust and reliability. In the day and age of technology, the difference is made by humans."

Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, CNP ASFALISTIKI’s General Manager then presented the delegates with last year’s very positive results and thanked the Sales Network and the Administrative Staff for their contribution in placing the Company first in the General Insurance Sector in Cyprus.He further referred to the challenges expected with the introduction of the connected and autonomous cars and after pointing to a number of technological developments that are expected to change the way the insurance industry operates, he concluded that ... "technology is the ally that will help us improve the customer experience”.

Various presentations in sales matters ensued and the conference came to a close with the presentation of the former international footballer, Constantinos Charalambides, who shared his experiences with the delegates as well as the lessons he had learnt in his struggle as a champion.

In the evening, CNP ASFALISTIKI hosted a glamorous reception for its guests and awarded its top associates. 

Each conference held by CNP ASFALISTIKI constitutes a new starting point. The past experiences, together with the necessary changes and appropriate strategy, lead CNP ASFALISTIKI safely into the future.