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CPT School routes gradually resuming

02/03/2021 13:59

Pending the full reopening of schools on the 16th of March, Cyprus Public Transport is getting prepared and it is gradually bringing back its services for students. Currently, the maximum capacity of school buses is limited to 50%. Having carried out all necessary inspections to abide by the regulations imposed by the Cyprus government, CPT is ready to provide safe and comfortable trips to all students. The disinfection schedule has been set, monitored and strictly implemented in order to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Transport Communications and Works.

Cyprus Public Transport operates school routes for Junior and Senior High School and Technical School students for the majority of the Nicosia District and in the Tamasos area the routes are extended to include Elementary Schools and Kindergartens. Parents should not forget that all students must have a valid monthly card to travel or they will have to purchase a single ticket.

To have a valid card, students can top up at any station or online at CPT’s website.

For more information about Cyprus Public Transport and its services, visit: