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Customised solutions: Our expertise can help the hotel sector recover

27/11/2020 12:31

We are going through, perhaps, the most uncertain phase of the pandemic, as the developments in the epidemiological picture of the Cypriot regions are rapidly changing and the government measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, are constantly adjusted. This has in turn made business planning for the Cyprus Hotel Sector extremely difficult, but also vital.

A positive development that alleviates uncertainty, both in the short and medium term, is the government's support measures in the sector, which will run until April next year, thus providing a period of certainty, as well as flexibility for the measures, as Cypriot Hotels will be able to alternate between the two categories of the support program.

At the same time, the messages for the development of an effective vaccine are positive, with the first vaccinations starting at the beginning of the new year, a fact which, if confirmed, foretells a much more profitable and safe summer season for Cypriot Hoteliers, and the coveted beginning of return to normalcy.

Regardless of the choice of hotel units, for suspension or non-suspension of their services during the winter, the above developments demonstrate the vital importance of appropriate business and strategic planning by the management of Cyprus Hotels, as well as the timely handling of any problems that have arisen from the unfavourable conditions that prevailed throughout the year.

Both in terms of problem solving, which in our experience may not be negligible at all, as well as in terms of business and strategic planning for the summer of 2021, Cypriot Hoteliers will only benefit from innovative, customized solutions, adapted to the reality of the market and the increased needs of their organisation as well as its unique capabilities. The old methods of problem-solving anda one size fits all approach will hardly bring the desired results of survival and healthy development of the Hotel Units.

For the above reasons, our companies, APC Audit Tax Advisory Ltd and CITR Cyprus Ltd, have decided to join forces to offer a complete package of services to Cypriot Hoteliers, which will contain the vital innovative and customized solutions that are necessary, in order to properly deal with the evolving pandemic, thus equipping them with the appropriate tools to ensure the viability and empowerment - restructuring of their Organisations with the ultimate goal of returning to profitability and healthy growth.

For more information you can contact:

APC Audit Tax Advisory - [email protected] - +357 22 445004

CITR Cyprus - [email protected] - +357 22 027621