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Cyprus Public Transport’s New Bus Station was inaugurated yesterday at the Nicosia General Hospital!

07/10/2022 12:44

The opening ceremony of Cyprus Public Transport’s new bus station took place with great success on Thursday, 6th of October. This new station at Nicosia General Hospital is in fact the first station based on the new concept for the company's stations, as these have been agreed with the Authorities, taking into consideration their requirements and criteria.

It is worth noting that the new General Hospital Station is another important step for the gradual upgrading of all of Cyprus Public Transports’ stations, based on international standards, with respect to the needs of the passengers. The upgrade criteria is focused on ensuring even more comfortable and enjoyable trips for all customers, during which they will be able to enjoy services such as 5G WiFi, to be informed about bus routes and arrival times, as well as to spend more pleasantly their waiting time at the stations, as well as their time inside the buses.

“This is a new milestone in our way towards the enhancement of the public transport service. We have brought the public transport service to the European standards in the last two years, but we are now focusing on the overall experience, with this new bus station concept”, said Julio Tironi, CEO of the Company.

Regarding its design, the General Hospital Station is inspired by the rocky nature of ​​Cyprus’ coasts that eroded by the Mediterranean Sea making a clear reference to the white Mediterranean construction. At the same time, the design of the station is complex, with various "folds" that give additional volume, contributing functionally and aesthetically to an integrated result.

The main goal of Cyprus Public Transport for this particular station was to solve the problem of passenger sheltering, with a waiting room that does not exceed certain dimensions.  For this reason, the project was designed with sensitivity towards the real needs of the passengers. The project also required perfect coordination between the international team of the group and the team of Cypriot technicians for the excellent execution of the construction works in Cyprus.

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